Introducing UBS POS Software Malaysia

Access UBS POS Software

Now with a touch screen, sales transactions can be registered in a few steps, making it very suitable for Malaysia small retailers, restaurants, and food & beverage outlets

ubs pos software

Simple to use and works with plug-and-play barcode scanners.

Now with touch screen technology, sales transactions can be registered in a few steps, making it very suitable for small retailers, restaurants and food & beverage outlets

POS Hardware

Support range of receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and POS display



Supports multiple languages including Counter Controls


Integration to Access UBS Inventory & Billing and or Accounting system

Membership Controls

Supports multi-levels member groups (Eg. Silver, Gold, Platinum) Loyalty points and redemption

Promotion / Discount Controls

Supports various types of discounts: Item or Total discount based on Value and %

Policy (Scheme)

Supports manual input of multiple settlement instruments, Gift Certificate, Voucher, Coupon

Specific to Restaurant  Food & Beverage (F&B) POS



Supports special requests (less sugar, more ice, more sauce, etc)


Supports multiple ordering terminals or cashiers


Each table is installed with a system for customer to place their own orders

ubs pos restaurant software
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What’s in Access UBS POS Software?

Fully integrated with Access UBS Accounting and Inventory Software


  • Customer Info
  • Transaction
  • Display Message
  • Members Birthdays, Promotions


  • Group Items
  • Item bundling
  • Item Matrix
  • Photo Image
  • PWP
  • Special Pricing
  • Real-time Inventory


  • Bill Printing
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Summary
  • Daily Collection
  • Discount
  • Credit card
  • Gift, Voucher
  • Inventory
  • Membership

Advanced Modules

Gain more insight into your business and therefore make better decisions to expand their business or improve profitability.

Special Pricing Management

  • Promotional item setting
  • Promotion price by effective period
  • Promotion price tracking
  • VIP member discount/pricing
  • Staff purchasing discount
  • Package / Combo item setting / pricing

Real-time Inventory Tracking

  • Item serial number tracking
  • Keep track of the availability of stocks
  • Alert on low-level stocks for reordering
  • Better forecast on future stocks ordering
  • Ability to search by SKU, Description, and Manufacturer
  • Reordering function by the supplier
    Shipment received

Access UBS POS Preview

View the total summary for each payroll entry before payroll processing and manage allowances, deductions, and overtime in a single screen.

Business Made Simple

Leaving you more time to serve your customer and improve sales.

Main Screen

Neat and User-friendy

Personnel Files

Adding Personnel Wizard

Daily Receipt

Details of daily collection by cash, credit card


Batch Update on promotion items