#1 Time Attendance System in Malaysia

FingerTec Time Attendance System

FingerTec is a global brand for fingerprint, facial recognition, and RFID technology in the time attendance and door access systems industry.


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Reason to choose FingerTec Time Attendance System

Combined with power applications for PC, web, and cloud-based systems, FingerTec truly provides solutions that expand beyond biometrics.

Pioneer in Malaysia

Established since 2000 with wordwide operations reached 500k+


MSC-APICTA, Laureate, Keris, Deloitte, Gold Award of Century International Quality Era


Quality Certification

ISO 27001:2003, ISO9001:2000 Lloyd’s Quality Certification

Software available

Window version TCMV3 and Ingress Door Acess System, TimeTec TA Cloud Attendance

Successful Implementation

Proven by millions of users around the world with 412 active partners in 105 countries


Extended FingerTec product warranty to 24 months worldwide

Range of FingerTec Products

FingerTec’s hardware supports 22 languages and the software supports 16 languages. Beside the terminal, FingerTec comes with complete door access accessories and enclosures to protect the terminal.

fingertec range of time attendance system

Fingertec 4 Authentication methods

Time Attendance System

Automating Attendance Affordably. When mankind starts to time, the value tends to multiply.

Benefits of FingerTec Time attendance systems:-

  • Versatile and Secured Verification Options
  • Quick & Accurate Verification
  • Small in Size, Large in Storage
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Options to Data Communication
  • Color Multimedia Display
  • Great Flexible Design
  • UX Menu Presentation
  • International Safety Standards
  • Durable Exterior
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door access

Door Access System

Enhance security in your daily life with biometrics technology, the real proof of one’s identity

Benefits of FingerTec Door Access System:-

  • Multiple Verification Methods
  • Precise Recognition with Biometrics
  • High Definition Color Display and Touch Panel
  • Slim Exterior Design
  • Huge Memory Capacity
  • Durable Exterior
  • Data Management Simplified
  • TimeZone Enable
  • Built-In Alarm
  • Free Firmware and Software Updates

Fingertec Time Attendance and Door Access Software

fingertec tcmsv3 time attendance system

TCMS V3 Attendance

Bundled with FingerTec TA terminals

ingress door access system

Ingress Door Access

Bundled with FingerTec TA terminals

timetec cloud time attendance system

TimeTec TA Cloud

Employees Time Attendance Anytime, Anywhere

4 Easy Attendance Clocking Methods

biometric clocking terminal

Biometric Terminals

clocking qfmaster

QF Master App

clocking mobile phone

Mobile Phone

clocking web

Web Clocking

Fingertec Customers

FingerTec & TimeTec, International Brands.

Biometric Products

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Cloud Solution

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Our solutions suit the security industry, business & professional services, retail, logistics, school, smart office, smart residential, smart township, food & beverages, manufacturing, non-profit organization, banking, housing developer, all types of SMEs, and MNCs.